Chronological Tour: Stop 285

Raley Field

Home-plate gate at Raley Field, Aug-2004.

A good look in from the right-field terrace.

A few state-capital office buildings are visible from the seats.

Quick Facts: Rating: 4 baseballs
Yes, this is West Sacramento. That’s a different town, and a different county (Yolo), from the state capital. Yet Raley Field – named for a family that owns supermarkets with the family name – isn’t a bad place to go, or a difficult place to find. It’s right off Route 50 and just over the bridge from Sacramento.

The main seating is in one deck with no cross aisle. There are suites, a “party deck”, and the press box in an upper building. There’s a small berm in left field, but the main general admission area is “Homerun Hill” in right field. Fans are permitted, even encouraged, to bring lawn chairs and sit out there, something that isn't allowed in many berm seating areas. Another nice feature is the tiles, painted by area children, that adorn the columns supporting the suite level.

In addition, the staff was quite friendly, as were the fans. I arrived late and told an usher I was looking for someone who was keeping score, so I could catch up to my scorecard, and the usher told me to go down and see a fellow sitting behind the dugout – who was more than willing to help me out. I appreciated that, as at some parks the ushers wouldn’t dare let me into good seats in the seating bowl on a general admission ticket.

Game # Date League Level Result
704 Fri 20-Aug-2004 Pacific Coast AAA Portland 10, SACRAMENTO 5
1565 Sun 30-Jul-2017 Pacific Coast AAA SACRAMENTO 6, New Orleans 2
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