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Don’t ask me how you got here, but you reached the home page of Charlie O’Reilly, a Netizen from the real-world quadrant known as New Jersey.

You can check out some vital statistics if you think it will help you. There's also a picture of me on top of Old Smoky (not all covered with snow).

AOLers knew me as “CharlieZeb”. It's short for “Charlie the Zebra”. Find out how this zebra got his stripes.

Every day, I go to work in Hoboken, N.J., at a site less than a thousand feet from where a couple of New York athletic clubs played the first baseball game 21-Oct-1845. (That date comes from research by DiClerico and Pavelec in their book The Jersey Game; New Brunswick: Rutgers University Press, 1991.) A plaque at 11th and Washington streets in Hoboken commemorates a game on the same site 19-Jun-1846, in which the “New York Nine” defeated the Knickerbocker A.C., 23-1.

The location is appropriate because I’m a baseball nut. I’ve been to plenty of professional stadiums, most of them since 1990, and my baseball chasing has led me to discover America as well. Oklahoma became my 48th state visited 17-Aug-1995, when I saw the Oklahoma City 89ers lose to Buffalo.

And while you’re at it, check out my state server. It’s a listing by state of every U.S. county I’ve ever visited, and it will eventually include links to many of the tourist sites I mention.

Visit the Rutherford Little League home page

The Streak: 2970 (as of 10-Jun-2017)

My Favorite Letter of 1995

A fellow Rutherford resident grumbles about the sudden appearance of portable toilets at Memorial Park. I could tell you what I think he’s full of, but ... this is a family show!

My Favorite Letter of 1998

An e-mail correspondent lashes out at the entire Internet community for not taking the time to write real letters when composing e-mail, reverting instead to chat-room shorthand. To which I say: Amen.

Blogger, State Your Name (November 2007)

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