Pioneer Field

A look in at Wayne High School’s Pioneer Field from the left-field line, Aug-2012.

The modest press box and a covered third-base bleacher.

The field, as seen from ground level directly behind home plate.

Quick Facts:
When the Frontier League started, it set up eight franchises in a three-state area: Kentucky, West Virginia, and Ohio. Two of them were centered around the tri-point, and this was one, at Wayne, W.Va.

Like its rival in Cannonsburg, Ky., the West Virginia Coal Sox were unable to finish out their initial season. Here, the club’s failure is quite understandable, as the only thing Pioneer Field has going for it is its location, 15 miles south of Huntington. The road down from that city – which was already hosting an Appalachian League team at the time – is manageable, but access from other areas is difficult, to say the least. Moreover, while the park seems decent enough for high school ball, there are no amenities that would endear it to a professional club. At least the grandstands have a roof over them.

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