Chronological Tour: Stop 177

Hunnicutt Field

Stadium structure of Hunnicutt Field, Aug-2012.

The right-field and home plate seats, as seen from the foul line.

The field overlooks the Princeton High School football field and the mountains beyond. This photo is from Aug-2000.

Quick Facts: Rating: 2 baseballs
Hunnicutt Field’s stadium was only built in 1988 (although the field was there 30 years before – it was used by the local high school team, the Princeton Tigers), and it received extensive renovations and upgrades during the 1999 season. It opened anew for 2000, with folding “box” seats behind the plate and in front of the press box seating about 300, and bleacher areas flanking that bringing the total capacity to 1950. However, the entire structure is steel and aluminum, which seemed to take something away from it.

The main view from Hunnicutt is of the nearby high school and football field, although businesses on a main street can also be seen. An undeveloped hilly forest sits behind the first base side.

I returned to photograph the park in 2012, but the Rays were out of town and I was not able to get in. As a result, I retained one old photo from my 2000 visit.

Game # Date League Level Result
415 Mon 31-Jul-2000 Appalachian R PRINCETON 2, Pulaski 0, 1st
416 Mon 31-Jul-2000 Appalachian R Pulaski 6, PRINCETON 3, 2d
1598 Tue 29-Aug-2017 Appalachian R PRINCETON 3, Greeneville 2
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