Horlick Field

Original entrance to Horlick Field, Jul-2003.

The old football press box is all that remains of the field’s original configuration.

Today, a baseball field sits behind the featured football field.

Quick Facts:
Racine is a gritty industrial city on Lake Michigan which once hosted the All-American Girls’ Professional Baseball League as well as some semi-pro baseball. Racine had pro teams before the first World War, but I don’t know whether they played at Horlick Field.

Alas, Horlick Field is a shell of its former self – quite literally. It’s an expansive bit of property whose primary use is as a football field. (I saw a football game here 19-Nov-1983. The Racine Gladiators defeated the New Jersey Rams, 30-13, for the championship of the Minor Pro Football Association.) Interestingly, it’s still a multi-purpose facility – there’s a baseball diamond out behind the football field. The adjustment to the facility means the original football press box, which was in the baseball outfield, is no longer used. That structure, or what is left of it, is about all that remains of Horlick’s original alignment. You can hardly tell that there was a baseball diamond there.

In the movie “A League of Their Own”, which dramatized the AAGPBL, the part of Horlick Field was played by Bosse Field in Evansville, Ind., which was not being used for professional baseball at the time.

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