Chronological Tour: Stop 205

Rattling the Cage

Exterior of Fox Cities Stadium, Jul-2001.

View from the right-field berm toward the seating bowl.

The park is visible from Route 41, just beyond the dirt mound in right-center field.

Quick Facts: Rating: 3 baseballs
Fox Cities Stadium, about a mile and a half northwest of Appleton, replaced Goodland Field, which had been on the west end of town. I went to the site of Goodland Field to find that the stadium structure, such as it was, had been torn down and a high school athletic complex had arisen in its place.

The ballpark actually looks nice, with a burgundy roof and burgundy seats. These are a refreshing change from the typical green that most places seem to employ these days. Burgundy is one of the team colors of the Wisconsin Timber Rattlers, an overblown name that replaced the perfectly functional “Appleton Foxes” of days gone by.

Otherwise, it’s a typical park for its size and its time, mistakable for Wilmington, Trenton, etc., except for one thing: There are only two luxury boxes here, flanking the press box. They would actually be part of the press box if they had built sky boxes instead of just a roof over the concourse. In fact, I would imagine they put overflow press in there when the NCAA Division 3 College World Series comes in, as it has on occasion.

The other thing that really bothered me about the place was the $3 parking fee, highest in the Midwest League. I complained to a club official about it, as there is really nowhere else to park out there in the middle of nowhere, but to no avail. As of 2015, the fee is $5. There is a pedestrian walkway over Highway 41 that leads to the parking lot of a technical college, but the walk is too long for most fans.

Game # Date League Level Result
476 Mon 30-Jul-2001 Midwest A WISCONSIN 4, South Bend 3, 10 inn
477 Tue 31-Jul-2001 Midwest A WISCONSIN 9, South Bend 5
1425 Wed 2-Sep-2015 Midwest A Cedar Rapids 7, WISCONSIN 1
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