Borleske Stadium

The baseball press box and home-plate stands at Borleske Stadium, Aug-2013.

Bleachers down the first-base side also include the football press box.

The view from in front of the baseball press box. Workers are transforming it back into a football field.

Quick Facts:
This is the main field for Whitman College athletics, dedicated in 1940 to Raymond Borleske, class of 1910, who served as a coach for the school until 1947.

With Major League expansion in 1969, the Northwest League expanded as well, and they settled into Borleske Stadium for 15 years. For a decade, the franchise was a San Diego Padres farm club, and Borleske Stadium became Tony Gwynn’s first professional home field, among others.

The field, which is still used for both baseball and football, saw a resurgence with the arrival of the Walla Walla Sweets, a college summer team. The Sweets get their name from the sweet onions that put Walla Walla on the agricultural map.

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