Bomber Field

Main entrance to Bomber Bowl and Bomber Field, Aug-2013.

The left fielder’s view, with the Bomber Bowl football stadium looming beyond the third-base line.

A look out from behind the plate.

Quick Facts:
The Northwest League used this high school field for four seasons in the mid-1980s. They presumably had more bleachers at the facility during those seasons, before the park reverted to use by the Richland Bombers high school team.

The school district has kept the facility in good shape, even though it is downsized from its Northwest League days. Among the amenities is a full scoreboard in place beyond the left-field fence.

Site visitor Paul Buxton notes: “In 1984, the US Olympic team played the Triplets in an exhibition game, so Mark McGwire, Will Clark and company actually played on this field. The Triplets also won an NWL championship there one year. Despite all that, it was pretty inadequate for any sort of pro ball, and crowds were generally sparse.”

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