Chronological Tour: Stop 232

Tri-Cities Stadium

Front of Tri-Cities Stadium, Aug-2002.

The mostly-aluminum seating bowl near sunset.

The field looks out over a town park with seemingly uncountable soccer fields.

Quick Facts: Rating: 2 baseballs
Tri-Cities Stadium, representing the towns of Pasco in Franklin County along with Kennewick and Richland in Benton County, arose in what was then the middle of nowhere, five miles west of Pasco, in 1995. (The city is beginning to expand in the field’s direction.) The first inhabitant was a team in the independent Western League; the park got a Northwest League team in 2001 when the old Portland team got booted out after Civic Stadium’s renovation to Pacific Coast League standards. This was a return to affiliated ball; an old Kennewick park had hosted the Northwest League on and off from 1950 to 1975, and a high school field in Richland hosted the league from 1983-86.

Three fairly wide seating sections, made of aluminum, are joined by a street-level concourse. The field is sunken about four feet from street level. Only the box seats feature stadium seats on concrete; they surround the field independent of the aluminum seating sections.

The park faces due south; to compensate, they have stopped playing games that begin prior to 7:05 pm. There has also been an attractive sun screen added to the first-base side. Foul territory is narrow, especially behind the plate.

The most recent name of the park, Gesa Stadium, refers to a credit union that bought naming rights to the facility, which had gone by several generic names, including Dust Devils Stadium, over the years.

Game # Date League Level Result
546 Tue 13-Aug-2002 Northwest A TRI-CITY 4, Yakima 1
1571 Sat 5-Aug-2017 Northwest A Boise 7, TRI-CITY 5, completion
1572 Sat 5-Aug-2017 Northwest A TRI-CITY 6, Boise 1, 2d
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