Joe Martin Field

Home-plate entrance to Joe Martin Field, Aug-2013.

The compact, partially covered main seating bowl, flanked by bleachers.

The view from directly behind the plate.

Quick Facts:
Civic Field was built in 1973 to attract a Northwest League team. The expansion Mariners took up residence in Seattle, 90 miles to the south, for the 1977 season and made this one of their farm clubs for 18 years. Ken Griffey Jr., among many others, made Joe Martin Field his first professional home.

Following the 1996 season, Bellingham was abandoned by the pros. However, in 1999, the summer college league Bellingham Bells took residence, and they have played at the field since. The facility also sees use for high school baseball.

The central grandstand is small, but flanked by a reasonable supply of bleachers. The field is a little bit short, only 380 feet to dead center, which perhaps makes it a bit more suited to a college wood-bat league than to professional baseball.

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