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Prince William Stadium

The home-place entrance to G. Richard Pfitzner Stadium, Jul-2006.

The ballpark has a nearly all-aluminum seating bowl.

Woods surround the field, on the edge of the county administration complex.

Quick Facts: Rating: 1 baseball
Northern Virginia was desperate for baseball ever since the Washington Senators moved out, which is odd since no one went to Senators games anyhow. After all, Washington was “first in war, first in peace, and last in the American League.”

So when they floated a proposal to put a minor league team in Prince William County, Va., about 20 miles southwest of Washington, D.C., it was met enthusiastically. The trouble is, this is what they wound up with when a team moved from Alexandria in 1984.

Prince William Stadium (which is now known as G. Richard Pfitzner Stadium) looks fine from the outside. It’s when one gets in that it becomes a headache. The seating is mainly aluminum benches affixed to an aluminum superstructure (the park does have molded plastic box seats), and there’s absolutely no roof to help keep the spectators cool during hot summer games.

I saw the Cannons play in August 1994, when they were scheduling Sunday games in mid-afternoon. The place was just brutal. The Cannons, who changed their location designation from “Prince William” to “Potomac“ in 1999, now play mostly Sunday evening games, which is a little better. But the stadium has absolutely no charm to it, which is a shame.

The club is now affiliated with the Washington Nationals, who started play in 2005, and that has provided a slight attendance boost. There has long been talk of building a more modern ballpark further out on county complex land, and in June 2017 the county board of supervisors finally approved an industrial bond to build a new park that would open in 2020.

The team has added specialty concession areas outside the main body of the stadium, but the concourse can still get cramped on a busy night. In addition, they get $5 to park; not sure whether that accrues to the team or to the county. The other fault, if you can call it that, is the park location, about six miles off I-95 and thus not the most easily accessible park.

Game # Date League Level Result
142 Sun 7-Aug-1994 Carolina A Salem 10, PRINCE WILLIAM 5
824 Sat 29-Jul-2006 Carolina A POTOMAC 4, Winston-Salem 3, 10 inn
1455 Sat 28-May-2016 Carolina A POTOMAC 5, Winston-Salem 2
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