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Calfee Park

The original 1935 entrance to Calfee Park, Aug-2012.

Original third-base (and football) grandstand, and beyond to new (1999) construction.

Just off the photo, the fence rises in the outfield to meet the 301-foot right field line.

Quick Facts: Rating: 1 baseball
Calfee bills itself as the oldest park in the Appy League, open since 1935. However, you wouldn’t know it. The place received extensive renovations prior to the 1999 season, resulting in a new grandstand behind the plate and along the first-base side as well as what they call “open-air suites” (railed-in areas with picnic tables) further down the first-base line. A new scoreboard was also installed in 1999. The third-base seating still appears original – nothing more extensive than a cement bleacher. In addition, the original 1935 entrance down the left-field line (which would be the north end of the football field) has also been preserved.

The park is set down in a valley from Route 11, but foul balls hit by lefties often go far enough out of play to be hit up close to (and sometimes onto) the two-lane road. The view here is of blocks of houses that extend beyond right field, and of a physical plant (including the visitors’ clubhouse, which wasn’t renovated) in left. Dimensions are normal except for right field, which is short (301 feet) but capped off by a fence that has risen to 19 feet at the line.

Game # Date League Level Result
421 Fri 4-Aug-2000 Appalachian R PULASKI 3, Bristol 2, 11 inn
1214 Tue 14-Aug-2012 Appalachian R Danville 8, PULASKI 7
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