Harrisonburg Vets Stadium

Exterior of Veterans Memorial Stadium in Harrisonburg, Va., Aug-2007.

A look at the grandstand from down the first-base line.

The Harrisonburg High School football field is visible in the distance.

Quick Facts:
Veterans Memorial Stadium is reportedly the site where the Harrisonburg Turks of the Virginia League played their games in the early 1940s, before the second World War doomed the circuit.

Harrisonburg, already the home of Madison College (now James Madison University), has not had a professional team since, but this park served as home to a Valley Baseball League team also called the Turks until they moved to the JMU campus. The Valley League is a college summer wood-bat loop.

The Turks get their name from the region being a historic center for poultry production. That’s right, turkey.

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