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On the Banks of the Dan

Exterior of stadium in Dan Daniel Memorial Park, Aug-2012.

The home dugout, the mascot, and the reserved seating.

The field looks out over a hill in the city park; spectators occasionally sit out on the hill.

Quick Facts: Rating: 2 baseballs
The name of this facility actually refers to the city park it’s in; the field itself is American Legion Post 325 Field (and the Legion team uses it for home games as well).

The park features three sections of stadium seats behind the plate and just flanking that on the base lines, all attached to aluminum structures, plus aluminum bleachers extending further out. The only view is of the hill into which the field is built. The Dan River does run below the park (meaning an insect population), but it is not visible, at least in the summer.

I didn’t care for the access to the sections, particularly section B directly behind the plate. They built wheelchair access ramps, which was wonderful, but they fan out to the sides while the concession and souvenir stands are located at the base of the press box, which rises behind section B. It makes it inconvenient to run down between innings. This is partially offset by the presence of waitresses working these center sections, which are labeled “box seats” at $7 apiece. Lest you think it’s too much of a big-league touch in the Appy League, the concessions are very reasonable – particularly on Thirsty Thursday, when a 32-ounce souvenir cup of pop is $1.

Game # Date League Level Result
420 Thu 3-Aug-2000 Appalachian R DANVILLE 3, Princeton 0
1218 Sat 18-Aug-2012 Appalachian R DANVILLE 10, Bluefield 7
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