Chronological Tour: Stop 211

DeVault Memorial Stadium

The press box and some seating at DeVault Memorial Stadium, Aug-2001.

Watching the game from the hill above the third-base line.

Quick Facts: Rating: 2 baseballs
Bristol is a twin city, straddling the state line. Bristol Motor Speedway, for which the city is best known, is about six miles into Tennessee; this park is roughly half a mile into Virginia.

The park, built in 1969, is in a city sports complex that also includes an immaculate football field. Seating at the football field is better than at DeVault, where most of the general admission seating is on cinderblock risers. As a result, several of the promotional giveaways are seat cushions. The left-field line does have bench seating, and there are several rows of reserved seats in front that consist of stadium seats. Some fans also sit up on a hill above third base.

As is typical for the rookie-level Appalachian League, reserved seats are $7 and general admission is $5 (as of 2017) – one of the best entertainment bargains around. Still, I have to reserve my better ratings for superior facilities in the Appy.

The original stadium honoree, Chauncey DeVault, was the president of the Appalachian League from 1957 to 1980. I do not know who Boyce Cox was; his name is now on the field.

Game # Date League Level Result
483 Sun 5-Aug-2001 Appalachian R Princeton 6, BRISTOL 3
1596 Sun 27-Aug-2017 Appalachian R BRISTOL 13, Kingsport 5
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