Chronological Tour: Stop 186

A Park on Its Last Legs

Outside of Christensen Stadium, Aug-2000.

Looking toward the press box from the third-base bleachers.

The U.S. and Lone Star flags are about the only distinctive features of this view.

Quick Facts: Rating: 1 baseball
As I left Christensen Stadium on my 2000 visit, I said to someone, “There’s only one thing this ballpark needs ... a new ballpark.” It may have been built in 1952, but it underwent major renovations during the 1990s and, as such, retained little of the charm of some older facilities.

Aside from the lower boxes and one section in front of the press box, all the seating is on aluminum benches. One saving grace is that the west bleachers (third base) are covered by a roof of sorts; however, the sun still sneaks through in the hour or so before it sets. Concessions here were prepared in advance, and burgers, etc., had a tendency to dry out and get cold.

The place did nothing at all for me. Fortunately, the ballpark got its new ballpark in 2002, as the football-happy voters approved a referendum for a new baseball stadium. In the meantime, Christensen Stadium continues to see use by local high schools as well as by Midland College, a junior college that introduced baseball in 2001 and has quickly risen to prominence in the juco ranks.

Game # Date League Level Result
429 Sun 20-Aug-2000 Texas AA MIDLAND 5, Shreveport 4
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