Driller Park

Entrance to Driller Park, Aug-2007.

Peering in at the field through a tiny hole in the outfield wall.

Quick Facts:
Kilgore was another of those cities that found itself hosting professional baseball in the 1940s, when thousands of servicemen came home and small towns were looking for an evening’s entertainment.

According to the Texas Historical Commission plaque on site, the stadium was built of oil field pipe, tank steel, and concrete, with an infield underground drainage system, making it one of the best-constructed parks of its day in the region.

The Drillers only played four seasons in pro ball, but Driller Park stands to this day, having seen minor improvements over the years. As a tribute to the drilling heritage, a working oil well sits just beyond the right-field side of the park.

I was unable to get into Driller Park on my 2007 visit.

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