Chronological Tour: Stop 187

A Gem of the Southwest

Main entrance to Cohen Stadium, Aug-2007. The relatively new tent shades are in view.

The deep red press-box level, with mountains behind.

The outfield wall, which was once painted red to resemble adobe, is now green.

Quick Facts: Rating: 4 baseballs
Cohen Stadium is absolutely the finest example I’ve seen of ballpark construction from the late 1980s (it actually opened in 1990). It was built out in the middle of nowhere, about 9 miles north of the Rio Grande, but as such it looks out over settlements and also features a gorgeous outfield wall. The setting sun also does not interfere with the fans or the play, thanks to the construction of the luxury box level mounted over the concourse but with open-air areas on the third-base side (the sun sets behind the first-base side at this park).

Additionally, I enjoyed the outfield wall, which, like the rest of the ballpark, had the appearance of adobe (although by 2007 it had been painted green). I just thought it was a very pleasant place to watch a ball game.

Unfortunately, with the park so far from downtown, they charge for parking here, and the concessions here were the most expensive of any minor league park on my 2000 trip.

In late 2004, the El Paso Diablos announced that they were moving to Hammons Field in Springfield, Mo., for 2005. This prompted speculation over who, if anyone, might use Cohen Stadium. There was momentary talk that the Tacoma Rainiers, dissatisfied with the condition of Cheney Stadium, might move here; in the end, the Central League moved in and took over the Diablos name.

Also upon my visit to the park in 2007, the third-base line was a bit less open-air than before, as huge white sun shades had been erected on that side of the park.

The 2013 season was the last for Cohen Stadium as a professional venue, as a new ballpark has been built in the downtown area, on the site of the previous city hall, and it hosts a Triple-A Pacific Coast League team starting in 2014.

Game # Date League Level Result
430 Mon 21-Aug-2000 Texas AA Arkansas 8, EL PASO 6
881 Sun 12-Aug-2007 American Assn Ind. EL PASO 12, Pensacola 5
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