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The Ballpark in Arlington

Home plate entrance of The Ballpark in Arlington, Aug-1995.

A look at The Ballpark’s busy outfield.

Quick Facts: Rating: 4 baseballs
When the 1961 expansion Washington Senators left town after an eleven-year run, they settled in Arlington, Texas, a suburb halfway between Dallas and Fort Worth, and became known as the Texas Rangers. Their home was Arlington Stadium, an expanded minor-league facility which, by many accounts, had very little going for it.

After 22 years there, the Rangers moved into The Ballpark in Arlington, a “retro” ballpark inspired, in part, by the wild success of Baltimore’s Camden Yards. Without a downtown or a warehouse, the designers had to try to create their own special ambience.

For the most part, they succeeded. The outer facade is quite appealing, with many small features only detected when one walks up close to the building. Inside, the outfield wall is a bit busy, perhaps in imitation (but not duplication) of Yankee Stadium, and the park also seems to contain a lot of unnecessary bends in the outfield fence. The overall result, though, is fairly pleasing.

One thing the park does not have is a retractable roof. As a result, The Ballpark is one of the few facilities that maintains 7:30 starts on a regular basis during the summer, to let some of that infernal Texas heat dissipate.

In 2004, the park joined the parade of sports facilities with corporate names. With the sponsorship of a mortgage company, the prosaic Ballpark in Arlington became Ameriquest Field. However, when the company defaulted on its obligation, the park reverted to something similar to its original moniker. A new naming sponsor took over for 2014.

The Dallas Cowboys of the National Football League, who played at Texas Stadium in Irving since the mid-1960s, have relocated to Arlington, making this city on the eastern edge of Tarrant County the premier sports destination in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex. The Cowboys received their own stadium, leaving The Ballpark free for baseball.

In late 2016, voters passed a referendum authorizing taxes to go toward the building of a new stadium for the Rangers in Arlington, expected to open for the 2020 season.

Game # Date League Level Result
178 Wed 16-Aug-1995 American MLB Milwaukee 15, TEXAS 6
337 Mon 24-Aug-1998 American MLB TEXAS 6, Detroit 5
434 Fri 25-Aug-2000 American MLB TEXAS 1, Toronto 0, 11 inn
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