Chronological Tour: Stop 314

Pioneer Park

The handsome exterior of Pioneer Park at Tusculum College, Aug-2006.

The seating bowl, as seen from the left-field berm.

What fans sitting behind the plate get to see.

Quick Facts: Rating: 4 baseballs
This beautiful new park is the latest in a series of partnerships between a college, a professional team, and a city or state to build a new stadium and share the wealth.

Pioneer Park opened in 2004 to host the relocated Martinsville Astros of the Appalachian League. The city of Tusculum is next to Greeneville, which is the Greene County seat, the second oldest city in Tennessee, and the birthplace of President Andrew Johnson.

Entry is through an attractive portal down the left-field line. Fans take three steps down from there to the main concourse, which wraps the seating bowl but not the entire field, although there is a small grass berm down the left-field line. The predominant theme is brick, with the exterior, the concession buildings, the press and luxury boxes, and even the backstop faced with attractive brickwork. Tusculum College has undergone a major upgrade in athletic facilities and has added a football team, playing at adjacent Pioneer Stadium. The ballpark blends in with these other facilities.

I was surprised on my initial visit to not find a whiteboard for the lineups. I asked a staff member about it, and I was told that they had lineup boards in 2004, but that no staffer picked up the job in 2005 and so the boards were removed. The board was back for 2006.

As it turns out, writing the lineups down that first night would have been an exercise in futility, as it started raining half an hour before game time and the game was eventually called. Despite a pre-game squall, I did get a game in late in the 2006 season, as the Astros defeated the Pulaski Blue Jays, 1-0.

Game # Date League Level Result
841 Sat 19-Aug-2006 Appalachian R GREENEVILLE 1, Pulaski 0
1595 Sat 26-Aug-2017 Appalachian R Elizabethton 5, GREENEVILLE 2
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