Grider Stadium

Home-plate entrance to Grider Stadium at Tullahoma High School, Jul-2005.

The seating bowl, and the unusual buildup of grass at the backstop.

Looking out from behind the plate at the field.

Quick Facts:
The field at Grider Stadium in Tullahoma is dedicated to longtime Tullahoma High School head coach Jerry Mathis. The field dedication was made in 1997. Grider Stadium is adjacent to Wilkins Stadium, a football facility; both are adjacent to Tullahoma High School, and the Wildcats use them to this day.

Two things are notable about Grider Stadium: the short fences (310 feet down the lines, only 367 to center), and a grass mound built up behind home plate which cushions some balls that make it to the backstop.

Tim Perry, curator of the Unofficial Frontier League History pages, tells me that Grider Stadium was moved, piece by piece, from Alabama, but he isn’t sure where in that state it originally stood.

The Walkers only played a few games at Grider before becoming financially insolvent. The Big South League carried them as a road team for the remainder of the year.

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