Let’s Go Peay!

Entrance to Raymond C. Hand Park at Austin Peay State University, Aug-2007.

The seating bowl, as seen from down the first-base line.

A view from in front of the press box.

Quick Facts:
Austin Peay was the Governor of Tennessee in the late 1910s. He was instrumental in starting a normal school in his hometown of Clarksville, near the Kentucky border 45 miles northwest of Nashville. The school was named for him in the 1920s. He pronounced his last name the same as the letter P; the similarity to another word has helped lead to a humorous chant at Governors games, “Let’s Go Peay!”

While many buildings on campus were named for other governors of the state, Raymond C. Hand was not a governor. A site visitor, Barbara, advised in May 2008 that Mr. Hand was a beer distributor who died in the 1960s. He donated his fortune to many causes around Clarksville, including APSU baseball.

Hand Park is a nice-looking field, with an unusual seating area that does not curve around the field at all. There is also very little shade at this facility. Nonetheless, this field was the home of independent ball for two seasons.

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