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The Birdcage

Entrance to Sioux Falls Stadium, Aug-2005.

The renovated seating bowl, as seen from the outfield concourse.

A look at the field from in front of the press box.

Quick Facts: Rating: 3 baseballs
The City of Sioux Falls opened this ballpark in the summer of 1964 to host various amateur teams, including American Legion Post 15 and the collegiate Basin League. For 1966, the park drew affiliated baseball, as the Cincinnati Reds came in, retaining the Packers name from the Basin League team and staying until the league folded in 1971.

In 1993, Miles Wolff resurrected the Northern League as an independent loop, and Sioux Falls was tapped as an original franchise. The new club picked the nickname Canaries, a traditional moniker going back as far as 1889 and most recently used in the early 1950s for another Northern League team.

The success of the Canaries in the modern Northern League enticed the city to pour additional funds into a significant renovation of the park, complete with new seating, additional sections, and a completely new luxury suite and press box building directly behind the original stadium structure. There is space between the structures, and foul balls occasionally drop between them onto the lower concourse, which has also been improved with new concession buildings.

Fans enter the seating bowl by walking up (or using the accessible ramp) to a mid-level concourse. Box seats are below the concourse, while reserved seats are above it. The right-field line contains the Brioux Falls Beer Garden (yes, Brioux rhymes with Sioux), while they have a kid’s Fun Zone and berm seating down the left-field line. The outfield wall dimensions are quite irregular; this is a recent innovation, with an inside wall having been erected within the original stadium exterior.

The club is owned by the Goldklang Group (think St. Paul, Hudson Valley, etc.), whose motto is “Fun Is Good”. As a result, the club, which was renamed the Pheasants for three seasons, have a Director of Fun, in this case public address announcer Dan Christopherson, a local disk jockey whose claim to fame, according to his program bio, is that he “has been fired from every letter of the alphabet” during his radio career.

Game # Date League Level Result
768 Wed 10-Aug-2005 Northern Ind. Schaumburg 8, SIOUX FALLS 1
1086 Tue 24-Aug-2010 Northern Ind. Lincoln 6, SIOUX FALLS 5, 2nd
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