Duncan Park

Exterior of Duncan Park along the third-base side, Aug-2001.

Looking in at the seating bowl from beyond the right-field line.

Peering over the press box at the outfield.

Quick Facts:
I detoured to Duncan Park 11-Aug-2001 en route from Savannah to Kannapolis. Ironically, when the Spartanburg Phillies abandoned Duncan Park after the 1994 season, Kannapolis is where they went. The independent Atlantic Coast League put a team in Spartanburg for 1995, but the league folded after 16 games.

The park was used until 2003 by the baseball teams of Wofford College and the University of South Carolina at Spartanburg; each has since opened its own facility. Today, the park is home to two college summer leagues; the park is also used for high school baseball.

In August 2006, the city of Spartanburg declined to allocate funds for preservation and restoration of Duncan Park, instead ordering the park closed at the end of the summer league season. An independent group, Friends of Duncan Park, is attempting to raise funds to revitalize the facility, in conjunction with the Spartanburg Jaycees.

Word came in August 2007 that the city of Spartanburg and Spartan School District 7 would indeed renovate the stadium. Work is planned on plumbing, internal systems, new locker rooms and showers, and a new entrance on the lower level as well as a face-lift for the main entrance. Spartanburg High School should move in for the 2008 season using temporary facilities, and the local American Legion team should return as well after being forced out for the 2007 season by the facility’s condemnation.

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