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Capital City Stadium

Walking up to Capital City Stadium, Aug-1996.

The park, near the University of South Carolina’s field, looks out over nothing in particular.

Quick Facts: Rating: 2 baseballs
Capital City Stadium replaced an older facility on a site that has been in use since the 1920s. It is serviceable, and aside from mostly bench seating rather comfortable, given a decent roof.

However, the park did give me the impression of being built on the cheap, much like a lot of the stadiums of its era. Little effort seems to have been made to ensure a view or provide a particular ambience to make it stand out.

Capital City Stadium left the ranks of professional ballparks in February 2005, after the city of Columbia supported a separate bid by the University of South Carolina to build an on-campus stadium. The Bombers moved to the recently vacated Municipal Stadium in Greenville. In August 2012, arrangements were made to tear down the stadium and build a large retail store on the site; however, that hasn’t quite happened yet, according to site visitor Justin Moody. The stadium is still maintained by the city parks department.

The Columbia Blowfish of the Coastal Plain League, a college summer league, played here until 2014 before moving to a new facility in nearby Lexington County. Professional baseball in Columbia is now played at Spirit Communications Park, which rose along Bull Street, a mile north of here, on the site of the former state mental hospital.

Game # Date League Level Result
226 Thu 29-Aug-1996 South Atlantic A CAPITAL CITY 2, Asheville 1
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