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The New Pride of the Allegheny

A statue of Honus Wagner, lower left, adorns the home-plate entrance.

The 6th, 7th, and 9th Street bridges over the Allegheny are painted yellow, like the team colors.

Features include a spiral walkway in left field from which fans can watch the game.

Quick Facts: Rating: 4 baseballs
For 2001, Pittsburgh erected two stadiums to replace the multi-purpose Three Rivers Stadium, which had opened in 1970 on Pittsburgh’s North Shore. One is Heinz Field, which will be used for college and professional football, just west of the site of the now-demolished Three Rivers. The other is PNC Park, just to the east of the Fort Duquesne Bridge (I-279).

The most charming feature of PNC Park is one thing the old park didn’t have: a view out of the park. Fans, especially in the upper deck, can watch boat and barge traffic along the Allegheny River. Aside from the fans in the right-field bleachers, just about all the spectators can see the Pittsburgh skyline across the river.

Other features include several stairwells and a spiral ramp from which spectators can watch the game, and an upper deck that is as close to the action as any since the late, lamented Tiger Stadium.

Pittsburgh is one of the smallest markets in Major League Baseball, so they deliberately built their park with fewer than 40,000 seats. This park may fill the city’s baseball needs for many years to come.

Game # Date League Level Result
472 Fri 27-Jul-2001 National MLB PITTSBURGH 3, Houston 2
591 Thu 3-Jul-2003 National MLB PITTSBURGH 8, Cincinnati 7
1288 Sun 1-Sep-2013 National MLB St Louis 7, PITTSBURGH 2
1475 Sun 7-Aug-2016 National MLB Cincinnati 7, PITTSBURGH 3
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