Weaver Field

Exterior of the remaining grandstand at Weaver Field, Apr-2015.

A look at the grandstand from the third-base side.

The field is in a city park just east of the center of town.

Quick Facts:
For the 1948 season, a small stadium in Lansdale’s Memorial Park became the home of a North Atlantic League team. The Lansdale Dukes languished without a major league affiliation and folded at season’s end, having limped to a 28-101 record.

The facility may have existed prior to 1948, as a dedication plaque acknowledges Jake Shelly for having introduced semi-pro ball to the site in the mid-1930s. The field itself is dedicated to Joseph “Dobbie” Weaver, a high school coach who died in 1963 at age 70. I do not know if the field was named for Weaver before his death. I also do not know if there was once a third-base grandstand. The existing bleacher runs along the first-base side.

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