(The Former) Grimes Stadium

The area behind home plate at the former Grimes Stadium, repurposed as storage space.

A small section of grandstand behind home plate remains intact.

Quick Facts:
In 1949, the owners of a semi-pro team known as the Lebanon Chix purchased the lapsed franchise of the Bloomingdale Troopers of the North Atlantic League and relocated the club to a new facility on the east end of the village of Fredericksburg, along then heavily traveled US 22 six miles north of the city of Lebanon.

The Chix were successful in their two seasons in the league, winning the title in 1950 as a St. Louis Cardinals affiliate. But the league began to struggle, and it was gone by 1951. The ballpark languished, and then in 1963 an auto repair outfit purchased the land. Grimes Stadium was operated as a short-track speedway for a few years in the 1960s. Since then, the automotive outfit has used the park as a storage yard, with a gas station, car wash, and convenience store called Speedway Mart (no relation to the Midwest convenience store chain) outside the third-base wall. A small portion of grandstand behind the plate is still intact, used as storage for tires and the like.

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