Pullman Park

Entrance to Pullman Park, Sep-2004.

Part of the seating area and press box.

A view of the field from the third-base entrance.

Quick Facts:
The outside wall might be the only original thing that exists of Pullman Park, which has stood, sandwiched between industrial plants, for more than seventy years.

Class D ball utilized Pullman Park from the 1930s into the early 1950s, during the heyday of the minor leagues. When the minors began to consolidate, they left Butler, and Pullman Park became strictly an amateur field.

In the early 2000s, rumors began of a renovation of Pullman for independent baseball. Such a renovation would mean a complete rebuilding of the stadium structure; if there ever was a structure here, it has long since been dismantled.

The most famous Pullman is the manufacturer of sleeping cars for trains. Somehow, it’s appropriate that the field bearing that name is on Pillow Street.

By 2009, the ballpark was back in use hosting the Prospect League, a college summer league that used to be known as the Central Illinois Collegiate League but which has expanded significantly eastward.

I was not able to get into Pullman Park on my 2004 visit, thus the limited view of the field above.

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