Chronological Tour: Stop 12

Former Home of the Redbirds

The exterior of Bernie Arbour Stadium, Aug-1992.

Quick Facts: Rating: 2 baseballs
This was one of two parks I saw in Ontario on my first visit to the province, in 1990. I revisited the park in 1992 and took these photos.

Bernie Arbour Stadium had an adequate main grandstand flanked by metal bleachers going down the lines. The place was good enough for New York-Penn ball, at least at that time.

During 1992, the team was bought by an investor from New Jersey who relocated the team to his home state. Arbour’s life in the minors ended after the 1992 season, as the club was moved to Glens Falls, N.Y. for 1993 and then to New Jersey in 1994.

Game # Date League Level Result
35 Thu 16-Aug-1990 NY-Penn A Batavia 7, HAMILTON 6, 11 inn
55 Sun 9-Aug-1992 NY-Penn A HAMILTON 3, Elmira 2, 2d
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