Chronological Tour: Stop 144

Another Park in the Fairgrounds

Drillers Stadium, walking across the fairgrounds track, Aug-1998.

The seating area behind home plate.

At least the park does look out over Tulsa, although there would be better views in a different place.

Quick Facts: Rating: 2 baseballs
Something rubbed me wrong about Drillers Stadium, located adjacent to Expo Square.

There was something very odd about the seating arrangement here. Or was it that I had to walk across the fairgrounds horse-racing track to get to the ballpark?

In any case, it seemed like an odd place to watch a game. There was nothing in particular to recommend it.

The Drillers apparently agreed. Now that they had the oldest park in the Texas League, they lobbied for a new ballpark, and they got one for 2010.

Game # Date League Level Result
336 Sun 23-Aug-1998 Texas AA TULSA 5, Shreveport 2
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