Chronological Tour: Stop 86

Where the 89ers Played

Looking at the press box level and right-field stands at All Sports Stadium, Aug-1995.

A shot looking out from the seats.

Quick Facts: Rating: 2 baseballs
You can’t go see a game at All Sports Stadium anymore; it’s been replaced in the last few years by a pretty new baseball palace with a corporate name on the gate. They even changed the name of the club to reflect their new era.

The park is located in the State Fairgrounds complex, convenient to both I-40 and I-44, and about 3 miles south of old Route 66. According to site visitor Frank Jackson of Dallas, the park was still standing in Jun-2002, five years after it last saw action. However, it was in very poor condition, as the State Fair had done nothing to preserve it. Finally, in 2005, another site visitor, Nathan Milliron of Oklahoma City, told me the park was demolished in June.

I visited the park in August 1995, less than four months after the devastating bombing of a federal building in the city. The presence of the 89ers (named after the legal homesteaders of the former Indian Territory in 1889, as opposed to the early birds who became known as Sooners) was one of the city’s stabilizing forces in that tough time.

Game # Date League Level Result
179 Thu 17-Aug-1995 American Assn AAA Buffalo 13, OKLAHOMA CITY 6
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