Doenges Stadium

The recently renovated and re-painted facade of Doenges Stadium, Mar-2005.

The shell of the seating area remains intact.

Spectators in the main seating bowl watch the game through a thick screen.

Quick Facts:
Bartlesville Municipal Athletic Field was dedicated in 1930 and has seen uncounted high school and American Legion games in the three-quarters of a century since. It also saw professional ball in the 1950s.

A renovation project that began in 1998 was completed in 2003. The main grandstand structure, however, remains essentially intact, leaving this as a gem of northeast Oklahoma.

The park is just north of the center of town and about two miles west of US 75, the main north-south drag that connects Houston and Winnipeg. Bartlesville itself is best known as the place where Frank Phillips struck oil in the 1920s. A main street two blocks from the ballpark is named for Phillips.

The stadium is dedicated to Bill Doenges, a car dealer in town who was an ardent supporter of Bartlesville’s Legion teams. The ends of the main grandstand are painted with the names of the city’s Major and Triple-A Legion teams.

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