Gant Park Municipal Stadium

Exterior of Gant Park Municipal Stadium, Jul-2005.

An outside look at the baseball grandstand.

The baseball seating bowl; you can see the edge of the football grandstand from here.

Quick Facts:
Gant Park Municipal Stadium received its current name in tribute to Nelson T. Gant (1821-1905), a freed slave who went on to own a farm on the land where Municipal Stadium was built years later.

The park is in two distinct sections, a baseball grandstand and a football grandstand. The football stand is unusual in that its exterior includes emblems of various sports, much as is seen at Hinchliffe Stadium in Paterson, N.J., except at a different level. Several of these emblems were restored during a 1991 renovation of the 1940 facility.

I was not able to get inside the ballpark on my 2005 visit.

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