Chronological Tour: Stop 241

Foundation Field

Entrance to Foundation Field, Jul-2003.

The seating areas, taken from left field.

They didn’t need to add a clock to the scoreboard; the one in the church steeple works just fine.

Quick Facts: Rating: 1 baseball
When the Florence Freedom moved from Johnstown, Pa., in 2003, they were unable to get their new stadium built in time. They would up playing their season 40 miles north, at this park a few thousand feet from the Great Miami River in the seat of Butler County, Ohio.

The park, which is also used by the baseball team at Miami University’s Hamilton campus, was largely constructed in 2002, including new dugouts and concession stands. However, much of the facility appears to predate that, as the ground has sagged under several of the bleacher sections, leaving them uneven. I am advised that the bleachers along the first- and third-base lines and in right field were temporary structures rented by the Freedom in order to play the season. Yet they helped lend to the impression that the facility was substandard.

The undulating bleachers and a poorly functioning sound system combine with temporary exterior fencing to lead me to rate this near the bottom, even among parks that were not originally intended for permanent occupancy by a professional team.

The Freedom moved in 2004 to their new home at Champion Window Field. Meanwhile, the folks in Hamilton now say they want a team of their own. Will they get a brand-new ballpark? Or will there be major upgrades to Foundation Field? Stay tuned.

Game # Date League Level Result
593 Fri 4-Jul-2003 Frontier Ind. Evansville 14, FLORENCE 5, 5˝ inn, rain
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