Chronological Tour: Stop 251

Eastlake Ballpark

Eastlake Ballpark from the pedestrian bridge, Aug-2003.

The park’s interior configuration, as seen from left field.

How things look from behind the plate.

Quick Facts: Rating: 3 baseballs
Eastlake Ballpark, where an Indians farm club moved after spending time in Columbus, Ga., is another place where they’re charging whatever the market will bear. At least the game was sold out, so I was “forced” to spend $5 on a general-admission ticket. To get a seat here, in the suburbs of Cleveland, you must pay at least $8, and that's buying in advance. All walk-up tickets are $10.

The main parking area is connected to the stadium by a pedestrian overpass crossing Ohio SR 91; there is limited parking on the stadium side of the road, consisting of staff, handicapped, and Gold Reserved parking. As it is, they get $5 to park in the city-owned lot across the highway.

The park itself bears a resemblance to Staten Island, at least as far as its configuration goes, although you don’t have the same kind of brickwork – and instead of additional stands along the sides, they have some outfield bleachers somewhat reminiscent of what got added in Brooklyn a few weeks into the Cyclones’ inaugural season. These, though, were part of the park from the start, placed in front of the park’s kiddie playground.

I would have been tempted to give Eastlake a few more points had its access been any better. At the very least, they could have built the pedestrian crossing to be ADA-compliant, so that fans didn't have to walk down to street level and then up to the concourse. It could also stand to be better lit.

Game # Date League Level Result
608 Fri 1-Aug-2003 South Atlantic A LAKE COUNTY 4, Capital City 2
1355 Sat 30-Aug-2014 Midwest A Dayton 11, LAKE COUNTY 1
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