Chronological Tour: Stop 88

A Loud Memorial

Fans are encouraged to stomp their feet on the aluminum construction to rally the home team.

The unspectacular view toward center field.

Quick Facts: Rating: 1 baseball
Canton, Ohio, is probably best known as the birthplace of professional football and the home of the National Pro Football Hall of Fame, but it’s also seen its share of good baseball players. Thurman Munson was one of those, a catcher who went on to become the New York Yankees’ first captain since Lou Gehrig before he was killed flying his own airplane on an off day in 1979.

When they went to build a stadium in Canton to host a Cleveland Indians farm team in the Eastern League a few years later, it was only fitting that it be named in memory of Munson.

It’s just a shame that the stadium itself is so lacking in character. It’s almost all aluminum, which makes it a loud, echoey place even with less than a capacity crowd. Earplugs become necessary when the stands are totally filled – perhaps good for the home team, but potentially damaging to spectators. When Akron came up with a proposal for a new park, the Tribe jumped on it.

For six years, teams in the independent Frontier League inhabited the park. Among their players over the years has, appropriately, been Thurman Munson’s son. However, the last team, the Coyotes, a transplant from London, Ont., moved to Columbia, Mo., for 2003.

Game # Date League Level Result
181 Sat 19-Aug-1995 Eastern AA Trenton 10, CANTON-AKRON 2, 2d
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