Bradley Park

Looking in from the outfield at the main baseball diamond in Bradley Park, Sep-2012.

Today, the field features limited seating; the concession stand serves this field as well as an adjacent Little League field.

Players and spectators likely had the same serene view in 1946. This is Walden, after all.

Quick Facts:
In 1946, the Newburgh Hummingbirds of the short-lived North Atlantic League played part of their season at Delano-Hitch Stadium in Newburgh and then closed out the year in this bucolic setting in the village of Walden, ten miles to the west-northwest on NY 52.

While I would imagine there were more grandstands here when the Hummingbirds came to town, today the field has reverted to use for community baseball. The Bradley Park complex also includes an adjacent Little League baseball field, with a softball field located nearby.

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