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Baseball with a Skyline View

Main entrance to the Ballpark at St. George, Jul-2001.

Interior design: Somewhat standard, but with a steep pitch for good viewing.

The park offers a spectacular view of Upper New York Bay and the Manhattan skyline.

Quick Facts: Rating: 3 baseballs
The Staten Island Ferry, a free service that runs from the Battery in Manhattan, brings fans within one block of this ballpark, located on the Upper New York Bay in the St. George section of Staten Island.

I really didnít know what to expect from this place, but I was pleasantly surprised. Of course, it had sky boxes, but they were supported on beams extending from the edge of the concourse, as was the press box (so you didnít have the ugly dark area on the concourse behind the plate). It was also a continuous seating area, with no walkway halfway down. Iím thinking Altoona without the upper deck, or Lowell. Except that this place holds over 6900, thanks to an extensive right-field bleacher that will only get jammed on overflow nights, as thatís the field that gets the last sun.

And, as you might expect, the park has a beautiful view of the Kill van Kull, the Upper Bay, and Ė Bayonne. No, seriously, while the industrial area of Bayonne, N.J., is visible, and so is plenty of barge traffic to go along with the ferries, the piŤce de rťsistance of this place is the view of lower Manhattan. And they donít obstruct it. The outfield wall has no decks of advertising, although it is broken up by four video-type boards displaying the logo of that inningís sponsor. Thereís also a standard scoreboard, coupled with a video display. Of course, there are picnic areas and a kidís area.

On a visit in August 2005, the outfield wall had been converted to a typical minor-league wall, with advertising all around. However, the view of the bay and the city was still unobstructed. By 2007, the entire wall had become a video display board, but still not obstructing the view. As of 2017, the wall in right field was an LED ribbon display, but the left field wall had traditional advertising.

I should mention that the outer brick is reminiscent of a building like the ferry terminal (which I didnít look at for comparison). Itís orange or bright mud-colored, rather than red. Another thing that makes the park stand out is the seats themselves. Theyíre blue, for the Yankees, rather than the all-too-common forest green of modern parks.

In 2011, I lowered my rating for the ballpark from four baseballs to three. While the ballpark itself is still quite handsome, the club has raised ticket prices; the lowest price for a walk-up ticket, as of 2017, is now $14, which is actually down from $17 in 2012. In all fairness, the club does offer various deals that lower the price of multiple tickets to a reasonable amount, but that does not help the solo traveler. In addition, the experience feels quite sterile these days. They also installed a very unreliable scoreboard a few years back, though they replaced that in 2017 by incorporating the line score display into the video board, as has become common at many parks.

The photos on this page were taken at a game 6-Jul-2001, before the devastating attack 11-Sep that destroyed the World Trade Center towers which stand out in the photo above. The park was used as a triage site for individuals injured in the tragedy. These casualties were ferried from the Battery to the ballpark in the hours after the incident.

Game # Date League Level Result
462 Fri 6-Jul-2001 NY-Penn A STATEN ISLAND 10, Lowell 5
505 Wed 5-Sep-2001 NY-Penn A Jamestown 6, STATEN ISLAND 3
506 Thu 6-Sep-2001 NY-Penn A STATEN ISLAND 6, Brooklyn 1
568 Sat 7-Sep-2002 NY-Penn A STATEN ISLAND 5, Williamsport 3
572 Thu 12-Sep-2002 NY-Penn A STATEN ISLAND 2, Oneonta 0
(Yankees win league championship)
627 Thu 21-Aug-2003 NY-Penn A STATEN ISLAND 4, Hudson Valley 2
669 Fri 16-Jul-2004 NY-Penn A STATEN ISLAND 4, NJ Cardinals 3, 17 inn, 1st
670 Fri 16-Jul-2004 NY-Penn A NJ Cardinals 3, STATEN ISLAND 0, 10 inn, 2d
682 Mon 2-Aug-2004 NY-Penn A NJ Cardinals 10, STATEN ISLAND 5
759 Mon 1-Aug-2005 NY-Penn A STATEN ISLAND 9, Auburn 3
779 Fri 26-Aug-2005 NY-Penn A STATEN ISLAND 4, Brooklyn 0, 1st
780 Fri 26-Aug-2005 NY-Penn A Brooklyn 7, STATEN ISLAND 2, 2d
788 Mon 5-Sep-2005 NY-Penn A STATEN ISLAND 3, NJ Cardinals 2, 10 inn
793 Thu 15-Sep-2005 NY-Penn A STATEN ISLAND 3, Auburn 2
(Yankees win league championship)
821 Tue 18-Jul-2006 NY-Penn A STATEN ISLAND 5, Williamsport 4
823 Fri 28-Jul-2006 NY-Penn A Brooklyn 10, STATEN ISLAND 6
853 Wed 13-Sep-2006 NY-Penn A Tri-City 9, STATEN ISLAND 2
870 Sun 22-Jul-2007 NY-Penn A STATEN ISLAND 4, State College 3
873 Wed 1-Aug-2007 NY-Penn A Oneonta 4, STATEN ISLAND 2, 11 inn
928 Wed 16-Jul-2008 NY-Penn A STATEN ISLAND 6, Batavia 5
968 Fri 5-Sep-2008 NY-Penn A STATEN ISLAND 17, Hudson Valley 0
995 Mon 20-Jul-2009 NY-Penn A STATEN ISLAND 8, Jamestown 7
1036 Wed 9-Sep-2009 NY-Penn A Lowell 3, STATEN ISLAND 2, 11 inn
1039 Mon 14-Sep-2009 NY-Penn A STATEN ISLAND 3, Mahoning Valley 0
1072 Mon 9-Aug-2010 NY-Penn A STATEN ISLAND 8, Williamsport 7
1162 Wed 31-Aug-2011 NY-Penn A STATEN ISLAND 3, Vermont 2
1168 Fri 9-Sep-2011 NY-Penn A Brooklyn 12, STATEN ISLAND 5
1223 Thu 23-Aug-2012 NY-Penn A STATEN ISLAND 10, Vermont 1
1263 Tue 6-Aug-2013 NY-Penn A State College 7, STATEN ISLAND 3
1325 Thu 31-Jul-2014 NY-Penn A Lowell 11, STATEN ISLAND 4
1402 Wed 12-Aug-2015 NY-Penn A Williamsport 4, STATEN ISLAND 1
1476 Mon 8-Aug-2016 NY-Penn A STATEN ISLAND 4, Lowell 1
1575 Wed 9-Aug-2017 NY-Penn A STATEN ISLAND 3, Williamsport 2, 11 inn
1611 Tue 12-Sep-2017 NY-Penn A Hudson Valley 7, STATEN ISLAND 1
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