Chronological Tour: Stop 24

Silver Stadium

A look at Silver Stadium from across the street, Aug-1992.

Dual scoreboards were one feature of Silver Stadium, which bit the dust after the 1996 season.

Quick Facts: Rating: 3 baseballs
The use of the name Red Wings for a sports team originated here in Rochester, a few years before hockey’s Detroit Red Wings got started. But baseball in the city goes back even further; Rochester had teams in the International League as early as 1885 and has been a continuous member since 1895, while also putting a team into the major-league American Association in 1890.

For the second half of Silver Stadium’s existence, it was home to a Baltimore Orioles farm club. The ballpark never hosted anything quite as famous as the 33-inning game in Pawtucket in which the Red Wings played in 1981, but for the locals, it still had its share of memories, mainly of all the future Orioles who passed through.

After the 1996 season, the Red Wings flew downtown to a new facility, Frontier Field. Silver Stadium was demolished in 1998.

Game # Date League Level Result
53 Sat 8-Aug-1992 International AAA ROCHESTER 13, Richmond 2
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