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Home of the B-Mets

Looking up outside Binghamton’s Municipal Stadium, Jul-2001.

There are fewer luxury boxes here than usual, a refreshing sight.

The park looks out over a rail yard as well as hills that shape the junction of I-81 and NY 17.

Quick Facts: Rating: 3 baseballs
Binghamton was one of the original teams in the Eastern League, back in 1923. The central city of New York’s Southern Tier has hosted several other teams, but when the Binghamton Triplets left nearby Johnson City in the late 1960s, the area was left without pro ball for a quarter-century. (Endicott, home of the Dick’s Open, formerly B.C. Open, golf tournament, is the third of the Triple Cities. Triplets Field in Johnson City was razed after the team left town to make room for a frontage road for the Southern Tier Expressway, NY 17, which is being upgraded to I-86.)

In 1991, the New York Mets swapped affiliates with the Houston Astros, with the Astros taking over the Jackson (Miss.) Generals and the Mets getting the Williamsport Bills. After one season, the Mets moved to this new facility in 1992, and their Eastern League club promptly won the league championship, endearing themselves to local fans.

Since then, however, ennui seems to have set in. Perhaps it’s the normal phase that teams go through once the novelty wears off, but the B-Mets have not drawn nearly as well in recent seasons as they did when they first arrived. One rumor had the B-Mets being relocated to Ottawa, Ont. for the 2014 season, with the Batavia club in the New York-Penn League moving here. However, Ottawa attracted an independent ball club in 2015. A new owner for 2016 assured that the team would stay in Binghamton for a while; for 2017, the club has been rebranded as the Rumble Ponies, an homage to carousels that were placed throughout the Triple Cities in the first half of the 20th century and are still in service.

One of the most notable things about the park is the relative lack of luxury boxes. While most parks built in the 1990s have quite a few boxes, there are only six here at Binghamton.

Prior to the 2001 season, New York State Electric & Gas slapped its name on the park (for a fee, of course), making this NYSEG Stadium. The park has also been used for football, as the semi-pro B.C. Jets played here for a season and a local private high school played several years here.

Game # Date League Level Result
99 Sun 22-Aug-1993 Eastern AA BINGHAMTON 2, London 0
106 Sun 5-Sep-1993 Eastern AA Harrisburg 3, BINGHAMTON 0
222 Sun 25-Aug-1996 Eastern AA BINGHAMTON 7, New Britain 4
255 Sun 20-Jul-1997 Eastern AA BINGHAMTON 5, Reading 3
261 Sun 3-Aug-1997 Eastern AA New Britain 3, BINGHAMTON 0
471 Sun 22-Jul-2001 Eastern AA Trenton 10, BINGHAMTON 7
526 Thu 4-Jul-2002 Eastern AA Trenton 13, BINGHAMTON 6
721 Mon 6-Sep-2004 Eastern AA Reading 5, BINGHAMTON 1
1158 Sat 27-Aug-2011 Eastern AA BINGHAMTON 7, Altoona 6, 12 inn
1185 Mon 28-May-2012 Eastern AA BINGHAMTON 6, New Hampshire 2
1313 Fri 4-Jul-2014 Eastern AA Erie 9, BINGHAMTON 6, 16 inn
1585 Fri 18-Aug-2017 Eastern AA BINGHAMTON 4, Portland 1, 1st
1586 Fri 18-Aug-2017 Eastern AA BINGHAMTON 5, Portland 1, 2d
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