Chronological Tour: Stop 109

Dwyer Stadium

Across the street from Dwyer Stadium, Jul-2003.

The seating areas, as seen from the third-base side.

Looking out from the main grandstand. The park is in a residential area.

Quick Facts: Rating: 3 baseballs
I never got to see a game at the old Dwyer Stadium. In my only attempt, in 1993, I drove all the way up from Charleston, W.Va., to catch a game only to get caught in a monsoon passing through Attica, just south of Batavia. That rainstorm was enough to cancel the game.

In 1996, I was rained out of yet another attempt, this time at the new Dwyer. However, I got to the park for the first time in 1997, on a clear, brisk July evening.

The renovation was necessary for the player areas, such as the dugouts and locker rooms, which had been far below standard. The pattern was Falcon Park in Auburn, which had been rebuilt the year before.

The franchise has been rumored to be on the way out for several years; it was operated by the Rochester Red Wings for a while. The club is currently abandoned and is operating for 2018 as a ward of the league.

Game # Date League Level Result
254 Sat 19-Jul-1997 NY-Penn A BATAVIA 6, Williamsport 1
622 Sat 16-Aug-2003 NY-Penn A Vermont 3, BATAVIA 2, 13 inn
1194 Sat 21-Jul-2012 NY-Penn A BATAVIA 6, Auburn 4
1679 Thu 2-Aug-2018 NY-Penn A BATAVIA 8, Mahoning Valley 7
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