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Fort Marcy Park

Entrance to the ball field at Fort Marcy Park, Jul-2014.

Players line up for the national anthem in this view from beyond right field.

The large fence obstructs some views from underneath the awning.

Quick Facts: Rating: 2 baseballs
Fort Marcy was built in the 1850s but never needed for defense of Santa Fe, so the fort was disbanded and turned over to the city, which uses the site as a park.

The complex, which includes an indoor community swimming pool, is only about a mile from the state capitol. Some folks I spoke to at the game I attended said they believed the baseball stadium structure dates to the early 1940s, perhaps having been built by the WPA, but I can find no verification of that. The awning appears to have been added later, and there is also a much newer concession and press box building (probably dating to the 1970s). A terrace along the third-base line, along with a short right-field porch, lead me to believe that football may have been played in the park at one time as well.

Getting to the Game

The stadium is about a mile north of the state capitol. From Paseo de Peralta, which surrounds the old town, head north on Bishops Lodge Road and the field complex is ahead on the left. Park above the stadium (but beware of foul balls) or down by the indoor complex building.

Watching the Game

The awning is helpful for shade, but the Fuego play most of their games late enough that sun is not a big deal. Most fans sit along the first-base side, out in the open, only ducking underneath if a quick shower passes through.

While the facility has a modern scoreboard, don't rely on it for accurate totals. The operator fell behind several times during the game I attended.

Enjoying the Game

The public address announcer is somewhat proficient, but he loves to hear himself talk and yell. That said, there are very limited between-innings promotions. I didn't even notice a mascot. Kids did get to run around the bases at mid-game.
Game # Date League Level Result
1317 Mon 21-Jul-2014 Pecos Ind. Taos 13, SANTA FE 10
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