Legion Park

A look in at Legion Park and the National Guard armory beyond it, Jul-2014.

Sections of aluminum bleacher flank home plate.

The field, after a rainstorm washed out a scheduled game.

Quick Facts:
Ratón is the Spanish word for a mouse (literally, a small rat), but the Pecos League team that took up residence at Legion Park for the 2013 season is known as the Osos (Bears), probably because the club was able to borrow logos and the like from the former Ruidoso Osos, who played a single season in the league in 2011.

The ball field, a stone’s throw from the Santa Fe railroad tracks, is also adjacent to a New Mexico National Guard armory.

My one attempt to make a game here was rained out. A thunderstorm unleashed a gully washer about ten minutes before the scheduled start. In typical New Mexico fashion, had the field been two miles to the south, it would have remained bone dry and the game would have been played.

Los Osos ended their short stay in Raton after the 2014 season, as the Pecos League scaled back to eight teams.

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