New Brunswick Memorial Stadium

Main entrance to Memorial Stadium, Jan-2013.

The seating area, looking in from down what was probably the left-field line.

Today, a baseball field exists on adjacent land considered part of the stadium.

Quick Facts:
The City of New Brunswick opened its Municipal Stadium in 1940, rededicating it to the veterans of World War II in 1960. A plaque near the main entrance has been modified and also salutes the veterans of the conflicts in Korea and Vietnam.

This was always primarily a football field, but there was plenty of room to play baseball at the site. Given sun angles, it is likely that home plate was at the leftmost end of the bleacher (at the right end of the second photo above), as was the case at Waterbury, Conn.. Today, there is a practice field where deep left field would be, between the football field and the Pennsylvania Railroad tracks.

There is a baseball field at the Memorial Stadium site today, but it is located north of the football field and, at 315 feet all around, barely adequate for high school ball.

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