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Holman Stadium

The outside of Holman Stadium, Jul-2005.

The seating bowl, renovated in 2002.

Old trees rise well above the 2˝-deck outfield wall.

Quick Facts: Rating: 3 baseballs
The promoters of the Nashua Pride call it “Historic Holman Stadium”. Unlike some tourist traps, the stadium, built in 1937, does have some history to it.

On a short brick outfield wall in a very short left field are circles with the numbers 36, 39, and 42. The 42 is for Jackie Robinson; the 36 and 39 are for his future Dodger teammates Don Newcombe and Roy Campanella, who played here for the Nashua Dodgers in the late 1940s. (Robinson never played at Nashua; he spent the 1946 season at Montreal before being recalled to Brooklyn in 1947.)

Other than the short left-field wall and a similar (non-brick) wall in right, the fences here are normal height and close to normal distance. The seats in the main seating bowl are in a double tier, separated by a fairly narrow concourse. A football bleacher on the left-field line increases the seating capacity, although it was off-limits in 2005 due to disrepair. There is no roof; to compensate, they seldom start before 6. The field is sunken from street level, thanks to the local topography. The outfield is lined by old trees that rise well above the 2˝-deck wall.

Amenities are unspectacular, although the “hot sausage” sold from a third-base stand on the outer concourse in 1999 was as advertised. Prices are reasonable, with tickets ranging from $7 to $10 in 2005. Free parking is available at the park or on side streets.

Maybe it’s because I was in a New England frame of mind, but Holman Stadium gave me a homey feel. The shortcomings it does have seem to be the result of the facility’s being state-of-the-art for 1937, which isn’t a bad thing. I could sit here and enjoy baseball without a problem – on a clear night.

While professional baseball departed Holman Stadium for the last time after the 2009 season, the park continues to be used for college summer league ball as well as high school ball.

The exterior, 1999 (pre-renovation)
The seating bowl, 1999 (pre-renovation)

Game # Date League Level Result
392 Sat 11-Sep-1999 Atlantic Ind. Somerset 4, NASHUA 1, 1st
393 Sat 11-Sep-1999 Atlantic Ind. NASHUA 6, Somerset 3, 2d
747 Sat 2-Jul-2005 Atlantic Ind. NASHUA 4, Lancaster 2
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