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Fisher Cats Baseball Park

Left-field (the only) entrance to Fisher Cats Baseball Park, Jul-2005.

The seating bowl, as seen from near the left-field entrance.

Among the featured items in the ballpark view is the Manchester Civic Arena.

Quick Facts: Rating: 3 baseballs
After the 2003 season, the New Haven Ravens moved from West Haven, Conn., to Manchester, spending the 2004 season at Gill Stadium. (See the Gill page for why the team is called the Fisher Cats.)

Gill was an old ballpark, renovated several times but inadequate for the Eastern League. Eventually, land was located on the west side of the railroad tracks from Elm Street (US 3), and the Fisher Cats moved into a new ballpark for 2005. As of my July visit, the park still had no naming sponsor, though that changed either late in the season or in 2006.

The field faces northeast, as most ball fields do, but access is to the north, so the main entrance and ticket windows are down the left-field line. Right field is tight thanks to the railroad tracks; as a result, the concourse does not extend around the entire field here, as it does at many modern yards.

The seating bowl consists of stadium seats mounted on an aluminum frame, which is usually more economical than pouring concrete but also gives the impression that the park may have been built on the cheap.

Game # Date League Level Result
746 Sat 2-Jul-2005 Eastern AA NEW HAMPSHIRE 5, Altoona 0
1056 Sun 30-May-2010 Eastern AA Trenton 13, NEW HAMPSHIRE 2
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