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Exterior of L.P. Frans Stadium, May-2013.

An attractive main seating area.

The view here is of nothing more than trees and the scoreboard.

Quick Facts: Rating: 3 baseballs
The South Atlantic League has built some very nice parks in recent seasons, and L.P. Frans Stadium is one of them.

So why wasn’t I terribly enthralled with this park? There were a few reasons. One is the pricing structure. Seems they think a new facility gives them a license to print money, in the form of higher-than-average prices.

Another is the limited stadium seating. More than the usual amount of the park is bench seating, which they may say differentiates the pricing levels but still takes away from the park.

Finally, although the view is into a wooded area, that’s all it’s into. There’s nothing dramatic about it, even though the city is in foothills.

Game # Date League Level Result
342 Sat 29-Aug-1998 South Atlantic A HICKORY 13, Greensboro 4
1251 Sat 25-May-2013 South Atlantic A HICKORY 14, Kannapolis 3
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