Chronological Tour: Stop 377

A Block from the Gulf

The only available entrance to MGM Park as of Jul-2015, down the left-field line.

A look in at the main seating bowl from down the third-base line.

The Beau Rivage casino resort hotel, operated by the park's naming sponsor MGM Resorts, dominates the view.

Quick Facts: Rating: 4 baseballs
The first professional team to play in Biloxi ever got here when, after years of attendance woes in Huntsville, Ala., and that city's interest in repurposing the land where the stadium was located, the club sought greener pastures.

Biloxi has been known as a gaming destination for the last 20 years, but the Mississippi Gulf coast region thrives on its own and continues to grow in population, making the area ripe for baseball development. This new park, for whom the naming sponsor is the company that runs the Gulf-side Beau Rivage casino hotel across the street, joins a line of Gulf cities with ball clubs, including Pensacola and Mobile to the east (both of whom play in the Southern League along with Biloxi) and New Orleans to the west.

Getting to the Game

While Biloxi has become bicycle-friendly in recent years, and buses run along Beach Boulevard, most visitors will arrive by car. The club does not operate its own parking lot; a few enterprising folks have opened paid lots, but most fans can find on-street parking. There is also a free municipal lot two blocks away, under the I-110 freeway that connects Beach Boulevard (US 90) to I-10 (the main highway from Los Angeles to Jacksonville) as well as points north. Fans can also park in the low-priced casino hotel lots.

Watching the Game

While ticket prices here are a little high, they are not outrageous except for the seats down low next to the dugouts or directly behind the plate. Most tickets cost between $10 and $15 when purchased on the day of the game. Advance sales merit a $2 discount.

The club does not hand out rosters, but they sell game-day notes for $1. The lineups are posted on a whiteboard at the customer service kiosk near the plate on the third-base side.

There is very little netting behind the plate here, at least for now. However, Buck Rogers, the club's general manager, told me on my visit that insurance companies will likely demand longer netting (and thus fewer souvenirs) as a result of the spate of spectators getting nailed with foul balls, largely because they were inattentive to the game.

Enjoying the Game

Surprisingly, there is no kids' play area here. However, the Shuckers do have the usual amount of between-innings activity to keep the fans entertained, and of course they are bringing in the typical promotional acts as well as running occasional fireworks nights to keep the fans interested.
Game # Date League Level Result
1391 Wed 29-Jul-2015 Southern AA Jackson 3, BILOXI 2
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