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Yet Another Busch Stadium

7th Street (third base) entrance to the new Busch Stadium, Aug-2006.

The seating bowl, as seen from beyond left field.

The Gateway Arch is visible from the seats behind home plate.

Quick Facts: Rating: 3 baseballs
This is the third stadium in St. Louis to bear the name “Busch Stadium”. The first was Sportsman’s Park, which had been built in 1909 and hosted both the Cardinals and the Browns from 1921 to 1953. After the Browns moved to Baltimore in 1954, the Cardinals renamed the old yard Busch Stadium. The second Busch Stadium opened in 1966 and remained standing until 2005.

When the 2005 playoffs ended, the Cardinals tore down the old park and completed the new Busch Stadium, on which construction had begun in 2004. The new park opened on time for the 2006 season.

The best feature of the new park is the fact that the Gateway Arch, part of the Jefferson National Expansion Memorial along the Mississippi riverfront, is clearly visible. The Arch is the best-known symbol of St. Louis.

In my opinion, the park’s worst feature is all the luxury boxes that consume two decks of the second level. The luxury box area is so tall that fans who walk up the access ramps have a nearly interminable trip. There are a few escalators, but they are not easy to find from every area of the park.

All in all, I didn’t see the need for a new ballpark here. The old Busch Stadium was clearly the best of what had been called the “cookie cutter” parks, of which none saw action after 2008.

Construction Photos (2005): One ... Two ... Three
Game # Date League Level Result
828 Fri 4-Aug-2006 National MLB Milwaukee 4, ST LOUIS 3
1394 Sat 1-Aug-2015 National MLB Colorado 6, ST LOUIS 2
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